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a&e, allie, back massages, beaches, beds, belly buttons, belts, blue, blue's clues, boy meets world, bracelets, brad pitt, bread, bsb, bumble bees, candy, care bears, caribou coffee, cds, cell phones, cheese, christmas lights, clips, clothes, clouds, coke, concerts, crying, cucumbers, cute boys, dancing, dave mathews band, dawson's creek, disney world, doug, dq, dreams, earings, enrique, eyelashes, eyes, fanchon's husband, flip flops, flowers, freddie prinze jr, friends, full house, glasses, gum, hands, hello kitty, hoodie sweatshirts, hugs, ice cream, ink pens, inside jokes, jeans, jet skis, jewel, jewelry, josh hartnett, juice boxes, justin timerlake, keith elementary, kids, lakes, laughing, lifehouse, lip gloss, lips, lisa's nails, magazines, make up, matt damon, movies, msu, music, nail polish, nick's laugh, nighttime, nsync, oceans, online, pajamas, parties, photography, pickles, pictures, pikachu, pools, popsicles, psychology, puppies, purple cars, purses, rabbits, rainbow bright, rainbows, red interior, reminiscing, rings, roswell, rugrats, saphora, saved by the bell, sexy guy voices, shoes, shopping, silver, skiing, skittles, sky, sleep overs, sleeping, slurpies, smiles, snickers, snowboarding, socks, south padre, sparkle shirts, sparkles, staying up late, summer, sun, surprises, taco bell, talking, teen people, temptation island, tennis, the 80's, the buick, the mall, the phone, tigger, toe rings, track, trampolines, tubing, vacations, vip mornings, web cams, white teeth, winnie the pooh, wrestling, writing, zane michael thomas